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Commercial and Residential Demolition Services in Sydney NS, Cape Breton, NS

Need to demolish an old house or garage? Or maybe you’re planning a new construction project and need the site cleared of an old residential or commercial building first?

Garage Demolition

Yates Excavation and Demolition Services in Sydney tore down this garage and hauled it all away in one day!

If you are looking for a similar demolition project, contact Yates Excavation and demolition services in Sydney NS.

They offer demolition services for both commercial and residential projects anywhere in Cape Breton. Yates have over 40+  years of experience in demolition in Sydney, Glace Bay and New Waterford, so we know how to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Areas We Serve

Demolition services Sydney, NS

  • Demolition services North Sydney, NS
  • Demolition services Glace Bay, NS
  • Demolition services New Waterford
  • Demolition services Cape Breton


If you need land clearing or cleanup after a demolition job or debris removal services, Yates Excavation services in Sydney NS can help with that too (902) 565-7547

Yates excavation and demolition services Sydney NS
Yates excavation and demolition services Sydney NS
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