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top quality structural materials

Are you searching for a dependable source of structural materials like shale rock for driveways, fill dirt for land development, top soil for lawns, or looking for driveway gravel for any home construction projects?

We have this and more at Yates Trucking & Excavation. We supply top quality structural materials that you can use as a sub-base for your driveway installation, trailer pads, and pathways including sand and gravel, fill dirt, top soil, crushed stone, shale, and more including:

Crushed Stone
Fill Dirt
Armour Stone
Road Gravel

And because our materials are available in different sizes, you can find the perfect one for your specific needs.

If you are looking for gravel for sale in Cape Breton, Yates Excavation Services will deliver all gravel, fill dirt and stone directly to your property. You can expect high-quality gravel materials for all residential or commercial projects.

There is no minimum amount of structural materials, Armour stone or top soil you need to purchase for any project.

For those special land clearing and home construction projects in Sydney NS, Bras d’Or Lakes or Mira area we also specialize in certain landscaping materials like topsoil and decorating rocks like armour and river rocks.

Yates Land Development Services are your dependable stone and gravel suppliers in Sydney, Glace Bay, North Sydney, New Waterford and most areas of CBRM Cape Breton.

Gravel For Sale Sydney NS

Add top quality gravel to your project in Sydney NS and upgrade the value of your property!

Yates Trucking is a reliable gravel supplier in Sydney, North Sydney, Glace Bay, and New Waterford, Cape Breton.

We offer construction materials for roads and driveways as well as any landscaping projects in Industrial Cape Breton.

Our structure materials for sale are great for driveways, landscaping projects, gardening projects, residential construction projects and any commercial projects.

You can expect nothing but high quality gravel, stone, fill dirt and top soil materials for any residential or commercial projects at Yates excavation services in Sydney NS!

Contact Yates Trucking & Excavation, Demolition, and Land Development Services for a quote!

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structural material for sale Cape Breton
Structural Material For Sale - (902) 565-7547

Yates Land Development Services have a variety of structures material for sale to add value to your property. Use nothing but our top quality gravel for sale, fill dirt, sand and top soil for excavation, land clearing or driveway installation project!

Yates Trucking and Excavation Services is your dependable supplier of gravel and other structural top grade driveway gravel, sand, and shale rock in Cape Breton.

Our structural materials are perfect for driveways, roads, landscaping, land clearing, and most home construction projects.

Yates offer delivery of any sand and gravel materials anywhere in Cape Breton and then will install your driveway, basement, or road for you.

If you need any structural materials or aggregates for any home building or commercial project, reach out to Yates Trucking and Excavation at any time.

We’d be happy to help with your next home construction or land clearing project!

Structural Materials for Landscaping

Yates Excavation and Landscaping Services in Cape Breton has the skills and specialized equipment to be able to handle any excavation job in Sydney or Glace Bay!

We specialize in clearing tress, preparing a property for home installation, pulling out stumps and trees to complete the building of a home. We are the excavation and landscaping experts in Sydney NS! Hard to reach areas on the side of a mountain or by the shoreline – no problem! We use nothing but well kept modern, excavators, loaders, construction equipment and dump trucks.

We use the very best in gravel, fill dirt and top soil for all home and construction projects in Cape Breton.

Contact us or call (902) 565-7547 for a complete quote.


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