Tree and Stump Removal Services

If you are clearing a new piece of land in Cape Breton are in need of tree removal or stump removal services, contact Yates land development and clearing services to schedule an appointment (902) 565-7547!

Yates Trucking & Excavation offers both tree removal and stump grinding services in Cape Breton. This tree removal services is most useful if you just purchased a new piece of property and are looking at building a house or installing a driveway anywhere on the property.

Clearing trees to gain property access

A lot of times, Yates property development services will get calls from land owners looking clear a property to just get access in order to put their trailer, build a house, or get access to the backend of the property to swim, fish, or view a beautiful sunset.

Yates safely and efficiently remove trees of all sizes, using the latest equipment and techniques. Also they offer stump removal and grinding services to remove tree stumps and roots from your property.

Tree removal can be dangerous work

If you are thinking of removing trees on your own, don’t forget this can be dangerous work!

Always call a professional tree removal company if you are clearing a property of trees, stumps, soil, or other debris. Trees can be leaning the wrong way maybe pointing towards your house or a power line. Maybe you just need one or two large tree trunks or branches removed. Yates tree and stump removal are the answer!


The tree removal process is as follows:

  1. Hazardous tree removal expert/crane and winch services
  2. Removal of standing or felled trees
  3. Tree pruning and maintenance
  4. Tree Felling
  5. Lot clearing
  6. Stump removal / excavation
  7. Tree Chipping
  8. Tree health consultation
  9. Brush cutting
  10. Sewer Line Replacement
  11. Dangerous tree removal
  12. Emergency tree service
  13. Electrical line clearing
  14. Commercial tree service
  15. Trucking


Yates land clearing, tree removal and excavation services include hazardous tree removal, tree chipping, brush removal, excavation services, septic repair, demolition, as well as any downed trees due to the Fiona Hurricane last September 2022 in Cape Breton.

Land clearing including tree cutting and removal definitely can be dangerous work and a great reason to call professional tree removal services like Yates land development in Sydney, Glace Bay, North Sydney and most of Cape Breton.

Dangerous Tree Removal

We offer dangerous tree removal, both commercially and residentially in Cape Breton and the CBRM.

Our company has a certificate in Natural Resource Operations from NSCC and is more than licensed to do any tree removal job safely. Yates tree removal services in Sydney NS love the challenge of clearing land, downed trees, or clearing trees near power lines.

If you have a tree that leans in the wrong way, or even just a few branches, don’t hesitate to contact us! We provide a variety of options for removal and clean-up.

Residential and Commercial Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is what Yates trucking and excavation services does best, either for residential or commercial customers in Cape Breton.

Call Yates Tree Removal in Sydney NS today for more info or to schedule a free consultation. Yates will send out a professional lot clearing expert to access the job and to give you an accurate quote for any lot clearing, tree removal, or any other land clearing needs.

If you are looking to get a trail or road cut into a piece or property or hunting or fishing camp, Yates have the resources available to come take a look.

If you need land cleared in CBRM Cape Breton to build a campsite or trailer park, Yates are the land development experts in Cape Breton to do this or any other tree removal or land clearing job that you may need done.

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